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Sending Email Messages to the Students via the Announcement Lists

To facilitate email communication with California Western student body, Information Technology maintains student email announcement lists that allow authorized faculty and staff to send email messages to students. Because these lists are secured from unauthorized use, please contact the IT HelpDesk to request access. Staff members should ask their department heads or supervisors to request access on their behalf.

However, a few guidelines should be considered prior to sending a message to large numbers of students.  Students are receiving an ever-increasing volume of email from CWSL staff and faculty, making it increasingly difficult for them to manage their email.

Important: all student announcement lists are secured to allow only authorized individuals to send messages to the list.  To request this authorization, please have your department head send a request to Help Desk and let us know which list(s) you need to post messages to.

Before sending your first message to any of the student announcement lists, please review the following guidelines.


Do Not:

If you have any questions regarding the above guidelines, or if you need the Adobe PDF Writer installed on your computer, please send an email message to .

The student announcement list addresses are as follows: All currently enrolled CWSL students  (Infolink Class Year = 1, 1A, 2, 3, 4, or 5) All 1st-year students (1Ls) (Infolink Class Year = 1) All 1st-year January-entering students (1As) (Infolink Class Year = 1A) All 2nd-year students (2Ls) (Infolink Class Year = 2) All 3rd-year students (3Ls) (Infolink Class Year = 3) All visiting students (Infolink Class Year = 4) All LLM/MCL students (Infolink Class Year = 5) Students who graduated after the most recent Fall trimester (Infolink Class Year = A) Students who graduated after the most recent Spring trimester (Infolink Class Year = A) Students who graduated after the most recent Summer trimester (Infolink Class Year = A) Students who graduated within the last six months (Infolink Class Year = A)