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Home Computer and Personal Laptop Support

Information Technology is available to offer guidance and suggestions for off-site computing. Please contact Help Desk with questions you may have regarding your home computer or personal laptop. This web page provides you with a description of the services we will provide for off-campus computers.

Information Technology welcomes your questions. We are always available to offer guidance regarding computers or peripheral devices.

Information Technology Responsibilities

Faculty & Staff Responsibilities:

Computer Services Plus
4488 Convoy Street, Suite H
San Diego, CA 92111 

Phone: (858) 492-1194

Toll Free: (877) 277-581

Educationally Discounted Software may be purchased from this vendor:

Rick Bryant
CDWG Account Manager
Phone: 312-705-0224
Toll Free: 877-325-8335
Fax: 312-705-0624

We will offer advice/help if we can, but should be considered secondary support.

How To Get Help With Hardware/Software Questions

Any and all requests for help should be sent to . A member of the Information Technology staff will respond to your request within 24 hours.  Messages sent to this mailbox become our “to do” list.  All requests are addressed in the order received, unless an exception is made to address high priority or critical issues.