Software Information
Software Information

Software Licensing and Procurement

Information Technology centrally maintains the licensing for California Western software applications. If you or your department have a need for software that is not on your workstation, or is not currently owned or licensed to CWSL, please send a request to Help Desk.  This request should come from a department head or supervisor.  Departments should not purchase software or install software without first consulting IT.


Faculty/Staff Workstation Software

Information Technology creates and maintains a Windows workstation image that has the software applications used by faculty and staff. This standard image includes the basic MS Office suite applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as well as various other applications commonly used by faculty and staff.

If a software application is needed that is not already installed on your office workstation, please have your department head or supervisor send a request to the Help Desk.


Personally-owned Computers/Laptops

Due to software licensing rules, most CWSL academic-licensed software cannot be installed on computers not owned by CWSL.  This includes the Microsoft Office suite.  However, CWSL employees can purchase MS Office and other software at a significant discount. For more information, please visit the academic software FAQ here. Please note that you (and not the Help Desk) are responsible for purchasing and installing software on your personally-owned laptop or computer, even if you use it for work.