Security: Spyware

Information Technology installs and maintains anti-spyware software on all CWSL workstations. We highly recommend installing anti-spyware software on your personal home and/or laptop computers. You can download a good, free anti-spyware product from Microsoft: Windows Defender.

What is Spyware?

Spyware much like the computer virus is a program written for many different and evolving reasons. The first Spyware programs were written as marketing tools. Many would create pop-up windows that would direct people to various websites. Some would record the website addresses the victim visit and send those back to the programmer. Most all spyware uses the "Trojan Horse" method of infecting people, masquerading as something beneficial such as a search toolbar.

What steps can I take to avoid SPYWARE?

I think I've been infected with Spyware. What should I do?