How can I buy software with academic pricing?
Q5. How can I buy academic-discounted software for my personally-owned computer?

A. For personally-owned computers, Faculty and Staff can purchase academic-priced software at a steep discount directly from our CDW-G Academic Software Store at Available software includes MS Office (various versions), MS Windows (multiple versions), and a number of other non-Microsoft titles.

Important Note:  if the computer in question, whether it is a laptop or desktop, is owned by California Western, then you should not use the CDW-G Academic Software Store to purchase software.  Our Microsoft Campus Licensing Agreement already covers all computers that are owned by the School (i.e. purchased by the School and to be returned to the School at such time when the user of the system is no longer a School employee).  If you need MS Office installed on a CWSL-owned computer, please send an email to

When purchasing software from the CDW-G Academic Software Store you must pay for any purchases with your personal credit card. Go to to see software and pricing.

If you have any questions about the CDW-G Academic Software Store, our account representative at CDW-G can help you. Mention that you work at California Western School of Law.

Contact info for our account representative at CDW-G:

Rachel Parker
CDW-G | Account Manager | Higher Education
Phone: 866-708-1693
Fax: 312-705-9295

If you have any questions regarding selection of the appropriate software, or how to download and install, please contact Help Desk.  We'll be happy to walk you through the process.

--Information Technology