How to connect to my workstation from Home
 How do I connect to my CWSL office workstation remotely?

Windows includes an application known as Remote Desktop Connection. This allows you to remotely take control of a Windows computer at another location.

Prior to using Remote Desktop Connection to connect to your CWSL office workstation, there are a number of pre-requisites to address:
  1. If you are a staff member, you must have written approval from your department head or supervisor to have Remote Desktop access.
  2. You must contact Help Desk to request that your workstation be enabled for Remote Desktop access.
  3. You must install our VPN software, Juniper Network Connect, on your remote computer (i.e. your home computer or personal laptop). See this Help Desk FAQ item for instructions on installing the VPN software.
  4. You must know your workstation's network name. Your workstation's network name is typically a construct of your department and your telephone extension. Some examples are: fac-1477, busoff-7087, and carsrv-7089.
  5. You must remember to restart your computer when leaving the office at the end of the day (don't perform a Shutdown and don't remain logged in).

After addressing the above pre-requisites, do the following:

Click on Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection

In the Remote Desktop Connection dialogue box, enter in your computer name, including the appended domain name, (see below).
Click on Connect.

Remote Desktop

Enter your username and password in the subsequent dialogue box, then click OK.

After a few seconds, you should see your office workstation Windows desktop.

Note: remember to logout when you are done. Don't just click on the X in the upper right corner, that will leave you logged into your office workstation and will simply disconnect you from that session. To properly log out, click on Start, then Log Off.