Email: FAQ (answers to questions regarding virus messages, SPAM, Outlook, mailbox size limits, the calendar)
Email/Outlook FAQ

Q1: How do I connect to my CWSL email account from home or while traveling?

Q2: I was expecting an email that never came. I have been assured by the sender that they sent it, but I can't find the email message. What should I do?

Q3: I want to share out my Outlook Calendar with another user. How do I do that?

Q4. How do I clean up my email?

  1. Why it is important
  2. Large Email folder (best way to clean up quickly)
  3. Deleted Items folder
  4. Junk Email folder
  5. Outlook clean up tools
  6. Sorting on any email column header

Q5: I received a message implying that a virus has been sent from my email account/address. Is my computer infected? If not, is there a way to prevent these messages?

Q6: I received a "delivery failure" message implying that I sent a message that I did not send. Is my computer infected?  Has someone "hijacked" my email address? Has someone "hacked into" my email account?

Q7: I'm receiving SPAM email in my Outlook inbox. How are these messages getting through? Why doesn't our anti-spam system stop these messages? Why are legitimate messages sometimes quarantined as SPAM?

Q8: How can I send email to students by class year?

Q9: I've been receiving "Delivery is delayed" messages from the CWSL Email Gateway after sending a message. Why?  Is there a problem?

Q10: How do I send email to every student in my class?

Q11: Smartphones: Which smartphones are supported, and how do I set up my smartphone to sync with my CWSL email account?

Q12: How To Create an email signature

Q13: I'm trying to send a large file attachment via email, but it's failing. Why?

Q14:  I keep receiving a message from System Administrator that my mailbox is over its size limit. Why?