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Staying secure while computing takes more than just anti-virus software and common sense. The Internet has evolved (or devolved?) into a playground for budding teenage hackers and a battlezone between security professionals and well-organized syndicates of cyber-criminals. More than ever before, maintaining a secure network involves the cooperation of the user community in addition to the traditional firewalls and other network security systems.

California Western School of Law is committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of data. This includes financial data, student information, private email, and any other information that is not intended for viewing by the public. Information Technology must maintain a network design that protects sensitive data, and balances information security with ease of access. We can't do this alone, though. We need the help and cooperation of the user community. It is essential that the CWSL user community observes password security guidelines and remains vigilant and aware of threats.

Check out some of our security topics to the left that identify some of the threats and give you tips for protecting your home computer as well as the security of confidential CWSL data.

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