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Login and Logout Procedures
Login and Logout Procedures


Gaining access to most resources on the California Western network, including the computer workstation on your desk, requires a username (a.k.a. login or userid) and a password. The username will be in the form of <first initial><last name>. For example, the username for John Doe will be jdoe. The password will be of your own choosing, within the framework of the CWSL password complexity requirements.  Usernames are not case sensitive, however, passwords are case sensitive.

(Note: employees who started prior to January 2007 will have a username consisting of their three initials)

If you are logging into a workstation for the first time at California Western with the temporary password you were provided you will be prompted to change your password to something that only you know. Please read the password policy to guide you in choosing a secure password.

(Note: You will be prompted every six months to change your password. You will receive a reminder to do so 14 days before the current password expires. Please be sure to change it during the 14 day grace period. After the 14 day grace period, Windows will require that you change your password before allowing you to proceed.)

At the end of each day before you leave the office you should Restart your computer.

To restart your Windows computer:

  1. Click on Start
  2. Click on the arrow next to Shut down
  3. Click on Restart


Start - Shutdown - Restart


It is extremely important that you Restart your computer at the end of each day. Here's why:

  • it ensures that you are logged out of the network, closing any files you may have opened, thereby allowing your files to be backed up by our backup system.
  • it ensures that nightly processes that perform automatic updates of the Windows operating system, anti-virus software, as well as a number of other background tasks are able to function.
  • it leaves your workstation in a state of readiness for the next day

Bottom line: Please restart your computer at the end of each day!!!

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