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How To Get Help
How to Get Computer Help

Need help with your office workstation?  Sending an email to the Help Desk team should always be your first step. We can be reached at . Sending to this address first is the best way to get the quickest response. If you're unable to send email for some reason, call the IT Help Desk at x1460.

When submitting a Help Desk request via email, here are some tips that will make it easier for us to help you:

  1. Subject - Create a short, descriptive subject of the problem.  For example, "unable to print to <printername>" is a much better subject than "help" or even worse, a blank subject.  Some other good examples:
        - unable to open Word document
        - error message in Outlook
        - Excel keeps crashing
        - problem accessing web page

  2. Message body - Provide as many relevant details as possible in the body of the message.
        - include error messages and screen snips using the Snipping Tool
        - include the printer name if the problem is with a network printer
        - include the URL if the problem has to do with a web page
        - send a message with nothing but "I need help" in it (yes, we get those)
        - forward long email threads that don't have much to do with the problem (clip, clip first!)
        - include multiple, unrelated problems in the same message. Please create separate requests for each problem.

Other quick tips:

  • Try rebooting your workstation if experience see missing drive letters, if applications become unresponsive, or if something doesn't work that a restart can often fix. This is always a good thing to try before contacting the Help Desk.
  • Don't be afraid to "Google" an error message or problem description. You'll be surprised how much you can find on the Internet. Ok, you probably won't be surprised. But give it a try anyway.
  • If you're sending a follow-up message to Help Desk, always include the ticket number in the subject, and click "Reply to All" to keep the Help Desk address in the distribution.

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