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VPN Client Pulse Secure VPN Client

Description:  If you require a full VPN connection to the CWSL network, you will need to install the Pulse Secure VPN client software. The Pulse Secure VPN client software allows you to establish a full VPN tunnel into the California Western network. This is particularly useful (and required) if you need to "Remote Desktop" to your office workstation.

Note 1:
If you simply need to check e-mail, or get quick access to a file on your S: drive, or get access to our intranet site (a.k.a. OnlineInfo), please visit the CWSL Secure Access VPN FAQ here.

Note 2:
The Pulse Secure VPN software replaces the previous VPN client software, Juniper Network Connect. Juniper is no longer providing updates or support for that software, therefore we recommend that you uninstall that software (if you have it installed) and use the Pulse Secure software going forward.

Pulse Secure VPN Client downloads:

Windows 32-bit, click here

Windows 64-bit, click here

Mac OS X, click here

Download the appropriate version to your local drive.
if you already have the Juniper or Pulse Secure client installed, you must first fully uninstall these before installing the newest software.

Run the installer. The installation is straightforward. If you have any difficulties with downloaded or installing the Pulse Secure VPN client, contact Help Desk.

After installing the Pulse Secure VPN client, you must add a connection to the CWSL VPN server:

1.  Click on the "plus" icon

Pulse Secure VPN install

2.  Fill out the dialogue box as follows
 - Type CWSL VPN in the Name field
 - Type in the Server URL field
 - Click on the Add button  

Pulse Secure VPN install 2


The Pulse Secure VPN Client is now installed and configured to connect to CWSL.

Any time you need to launch the VPN connection, click on the Connect button.

Pulse Secure 3


Note: when entering your username, omit the "" as follows:

Pulse Secure 4


Enter your CWSL network username and password, then click on Connect. This will establish your VPN connection to CWSL.

If you experience problems with any of these steps, or if you have any questions about VPN access, please contact the Help Desk.


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