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I was expecting an email from someone that never came

Q2: I was expecting an email that never came. I have been assured by the sender that they sent it, but I can't find the email message. What should I do?

A: There are two separate levels of spam filtering that occur before an email successfully appears in your Inbox.  The first level is our McAfee Email Gateway (formerly known as "Ironmail"). The second level is the Junk E-mail filter built into Outlook. Thus, there are two possible places that spam messages could be quarantined. If you are expecting a message that has not appeared in your inbox, please check both of the following before contacting HelpDesk:

  1. Check your Outlook Junk E-mail folder. Outlook uses internal algorithms to identify and quarantine spam email that is not quarantined by our McAfee anti-spam scanner. This spam filtering technology is automatically updated by Microsoft. It is very possible that something that has not been caught before is now caught. Please check there first for messages you were expecting to receive but did not. It is a good idea to browse through your Outlook Junk E-mail folder periodically and before emptying it.
  2. Check your Spam Quarantine. Each night at around midnight you'll receive an email message (or messages) from CWSL Anti-Spam Email Scanner with Spam Quarantine Notification in the subject. Check the content of these messages as they contain a list of messages quarantined during the previous 24 hour period. These messages obviously do not contain a list of messages quarantined during the current day. If the message you are seeking was sent today, you can see a list of the most recently quarantined messages by clicking on the hyperlink near the top of the nightly quarantine notification message. Remember to check all of your quarantine queues if you receive more than one quarantine notice nightly. You will receive a separate notification email for every email address that routes into your inbox. Note: you can use a the link from a older spam quarantine message to see everything that is in your spam quarantine queue.

Please note that if you are sending or receiving an email with an attachment, be aware that the CWSL Email Gateway blocks messages with potentially malicious file attachments.  Currently, the following attachment types are quarantined by the gateway: .ade .adp .att .bas .bat .chm .cmd .com .cpl .crt .eml .exe .hlp .hta
.inf .ins .isp .js .jse .lnk .mde .mp3 .msc .msi .msp .mst .ocx .pcd .pif
.ram .reg .req .scr .sct .shb .shs .url .vbe .vbs .wmf .wsf .wsh .wav .wsc .zip

If you regularly need to send or receive email messages with file attachments of one of the above types, please consider using a file transfer service (like You Send It, for example).

If you are still unable to locate an email message, please send a message to HelpDesk and we will help you locate the message.

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