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Smartphones: Which smartphones are supported, and how do I set up my smartphone to sync with my CWSL email account?
Q11: Smartphones: Which smartphones are supported, and how do I set up my smartphone to sync with my CWSL email account?

All Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone smartphone and tablet devices are able to synchronize with the CWSL email system (powered by Microsoft Exchange 2010). Using Exchange ActiveSync, you can synchronize Email, Calendar, and Contact items between your moblile device and your CWSL email account. This goes beyond the outdated IMAP and POP3 protocols that allow only for the synchronization of email. Exchange ActiveSync is a protocol that Microsoft licenses to various mobile device vendors.

Blackberry devices cannot use Exchange Activesync, unfortunately. They can, however, be configured to synchronize email only (no calendar or contact sync). Therefore, we do not recommend Blackberry devices as a first choice when shopping for a smartphone.

To summarize, here are the smartphones supported by CWSL:

  • Apple iPhones and iPads
  • Google Android smartphones and tablet devices (too many brands and models to list)
  • Windows Mobile smartphones (too many brands and models to list)

Click on one of the links below to see instructions on how to configure synchronization on your smartphone.

Apple iPhone/iPad - here are simple step-by-step instructions to set up your iPhone/iPad to sync with your CWSL email account.

Google Android - the Android operating system is not standardized across all vendor implementations. Menus and icons can be quite different between various brands. Thus, there is no single resource that can tell you how to access the settings screen for setting up an account. Check your manual, or perform a Google search for the instructions for your particular Android device. For example, a search for "HTC Incredible Exchange Setup" will help you find instructions for an HTC Incredible smartphone.

Windows Mobile - there are many, many different models of smartphones that run the Windows Mobile operating system. These instructions provide generic guidance to setting up your smartphone to sync email. Scroll down to the instructions for "Microsoft Exchange".


Below is the basic information you will need when setting up any smartphone:

Your Email address (the base form of it:  <username>

Your Password (the password you use when you log into your office workstation)

Server name:

(Server: webmail   Domain:

SSL required: Yes


Note #1: On some phones, Androids in particular, you may be prompted for Domain\Username when configuring synchronization.  In this field, type in CWSL_NT\<username>, where <username> is your assigned CWSL username that you use to log into your office workstation. For example, fictitious user Tim Jones would enter CWSL_NT\tjones, if he logs into his office workstation with the username tjones.

Note #2: Although we are brilliant technologists, we have not memorized the user interface of every single smartphone on the market. There are hundreds of them. Android devices, in particular, can have very different user interfaces from one make and model to another.  Therefore, it is your responsibility, not ours, to know how to get to a particular configuration menu on your smartphone. You need to know how to get to the screen on your phone that allows you to add, remove, or change an email account. In other words, it is not our responsibility to read the manual of your is your responsibility. If you are onsite, you are welcome to bring the smartphone to us. By hunting and pecking, we can usually find the screen for entering account information. If we don't have the phone in front of us, don't expect us to know how to do something with your phone! 
use the Internet!  A web search of some well-chosen keywords will usually turn up the information you need rather quickly.  For example: a web search for "HTC Incredible add email account", or "droid razr maxx exchange setup" will likely turn up the instructions you are looking for.

Note #3: CWSL does not support the use of POP3 or IMAP4 for synchronizing email on a smartphone. We only support the Exchange ActiveSync feature built into the aforementioned smartphones. DO NOT CHOOSE POP3 OR IMAP WHEN CONFIGURING YOUR SMARTPHONE TO SYNC WITH CWSL. Instead, the option to select will be "Exchange", or "Corporate Email". If you go to a wireless store, and the sales person tries to configure email synchronization on your smartphone, they will often try to set it up as an IMAP4 connection. Do not let them do this!  Let them know that your CWSL email uses a Microsoft Exchange system, and that Exchange ActiveSync should be used.


If you have trouble with setting up your smartphone, contact HelpDesk, or bring your phone by and one of us can help you configure synchronization.

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